Kirsten Clark Clinical Psychologist

The Sarah Graham Series

Grave Intentions

Sarah Graham is a bored Clinical Psychologist working at a government hospital in Osindiswini north of Durban, when she becomes embroiled in a serial murder investigation with Captain James Fourie. Horrified, yet fascinated, that she seems to have a knack for how the killer is thinking, she and James get closer to finding out who he is and why he is killing women so close to Sarah's house. 


Now working as a profiler for the SAPS, Sarah is confronted with a case that challenges her own history with her parents. She works a case of a killer who is eviscerating his victims, leaving a crude poppet in their stomach cavities. As she grapples with his conflicts and her own, she starts to feel more sympathy for the killer than she should.

Sarah goes solo on an investigation in Cape Town, following in the footsteps of a serial poisoner who seems to have a hatred for men.


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